My name is Larissa  Merkulov and I from Ukraine .  I created my blog at the age of 14 years ( 14 April 2014 ) .My idea was to present my own style and to share many new impressions from the fashion world with my readers. I find my inspiration in everything - streets, magazines, cities or when I just look around. I create my own style, and it does not look like most everydayI can speak four languages ​​- English, Russian , Portuguese, Ukrainian.In 2014, I moved to another country, Russia. And now I'm living in Russia. My dream is to travel around to see another culture and meet other bloggers.
                                               My favorite quote is also my motto: 
                "Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak" - Rachel Zoe
                                               On cooperation: merkulovalarisa32@gmail.com