Hello! I want to tell you today about that even before the new year, I had a great experience in terms of cinema. The school wanted to somehow bring the Christmas mood, and students' senior Council "decided to make a film. I it was interesting that I decided to sign up and be a participant and an actor once. I was freed from the lessons and come to school and 18:00 and was there until 2:00 am. I can just say that it is all very tired, but it was worth it.

           Our group was only 11 people. And we were both actors and make-up artists, the producers, directors ... but it was very interesting. We had all of the equipment that are used for the filming of this movie. Then our film that we shot a week was shown December 29 to the whole school. And it was very nice to hear, to look at his work from and understand that you are not wasting all his strength, dream, was not free time . You know, I thought that it is possible to get close to people for one week, after all these filming for us Administration the school has arranged a very cool disco!

          It was the last project in which I took part in 2015, but it gave me a lot of experience for future movie industry.

          Write in the comments the way you would be interested to find out how children learn in Russia and what are the differences from American schools?

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