Hello! Today I want to show you new pictures that I made before the New Year with their friends for the same project. And by the way the project was called "Yugra 2016" we are longer discussing the city in which I live.
                I want to say that I do not like the cold and winter in general, but I think that in the winter the most comfort. We are looking for every opportunity to charge them - see the beauty in the details, in the comfort of your loved ones, relatives embrace, wear warm socks and a sweater, wrapped in a blanket and drink hot tea. When I see that people enjoyed the smell of fresh baking, hurry home for dinner, fried potatoes or dumplings mold together, convinced that the world rests on the simple happiness.
                Write in the comments the way you would be interested to find out how children learn in Russia and what are the differences from American schools?

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