Hello! Today I want to answer most of your questions, I start with the fact that a month ago, I asked you what questions you are interested in me, and today I will answer them!

                                                                    1. What kind of country I want to visit? Why?

Answer: I can say straight away that I have every year changed the choice of countries for travel. But now I'd like to go to China, I have always been interested in Chinese culture and is still my dream to taste the real Chinese food.

                                                                   2. What are your hobbies?

A: I have a very strange man, I can do different things at the same time and end all at once. I had a lot of different classes in different periods of life, but now I have no time to hobbies ... so I do not have.
                                                                   3.  What is your favorite online shop?

A: My favorite store is H & M, just to see if I've got a lot of things from this store. And in general can be found in the store is very cool stuff at cheap prices)

                                                                   4. The last movie that you watched?

Answer: It was "Star Wars Episode 3" I just want to review all the movies to start watching "Star Wars Episode 7"
                                                                   5. What is your fear?

A: Since my childhood I am afraid of snakes and spiders. When I see them I cry very much, or even worse to do something ... .but I know it's silly to fear spiders because they are small, but the snake for me it's like hell. Another way I'm afraid of heights, if I understand what I'm standing on the edge of which is unsafe.

Today, they were all the most asked questions to me, I think I responded very deeply. Write in the comments the way you would be interested to find out how children learn in Russia and what are the differences from American schools?
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