Hello! I recently made plans for himself in 2016, and if you compare them to last year, everything is very difficult. I can not say that they are not feasible, a few of them, but they have to go a very long time.

1. Excellent exams
I remember saying I shared his first impressions of the exam, and now I have recently found out that I will take them every year. That's just this year I will be a little easier because it will be a transition from grade 10 to grade 11.

2. To participate in many projects
Last year I participated in 7 projects, and many of you are simply unfamiliar as they were in my hometown and in Russia. Participate in projects I like, that's just difficult to determine is you like a certain sphere. Because I was only 1 project associated with fashion, all the others were about training opportunities and the theater. This year, I am very determined to find new and interesting projects that will help me later in life.

3. Summer Travel
This year I will be the last summer where I can relax. Because then it will be very difficult examinations (which is progressive university) so I plan to spend it well and then to remember it this summer! Just this summer, I plan to go to my country's just I have not decided exactly where, but I want to go herself without parents can be with your friends.

         And it's all my plans for 2016. Write in the comments what are your plans for this year and how you intend to implement them!
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