Hello! Today I want to share with you my winter inspiration, but rather that I was inspired by the New Year. You all know the site so I seldom come on this site, but this winter I really loved this site. Why is it in the winter, I really tumblr and that this site I have been associated with great inspiration, comfort, warmth. And it is very cool to sit at home reading a book, drinking tea and listening to the sound of the fire ....
                      Write in the comments what site inspired you in the winter, and why is it?


                  Hello! Today I want to show you new pictures that I made before the New Year with their friends for the same project. And by the way the project was called "Yugra 2016" we are longer discussing the city in which I live.
                I want to say that I do not like the cold and winter in general, but I think that in the winter the most comfort. We are looking for every opportunity to charge them - see the beauty in the details, in the comfort of your loved ones, relatives embrace, wear warm socks and a sweater, wrapped in a blanket and drink hot tea. When I see that people enjoyed the smell of fresh baking, hurry home for dinner, fried potatoes or dumplings mold together, convinced that the world rests on the simple happiness.
                Write in the comments the way you would be interested to find out how children learn in Russia and what are the differences from American schools?


            Hello! Today I want to answer most of your questions, I start with the fact that a month ago, I asked you what questions you are interested in me, and today I will answer them!

                                                                    1. What kind of country I want to visit? Why?

Answer: I can say straight away that I have every year changed the choice of countries for travel. But now I'd like to go to China, I have always been interested in Chinese culture and is still my dream to taste the real Chinese food.

                                                                   2. What are your hobbies?

A: I have a very strange man, I can do different things at the same time and end all at once. I had a lot of different classes in different periods of life, but now I have no time to hobbies ... so I do not have.
                                                                   3.  What is your favorite online shop?

A: My favorite store is H & M, just to see if I've got a lot of things from this store. And in general can be found in the store is very cool stuff at cheap prices)

                                                                   4. The last movie that you watched?

Answer: It was "Star Wars Episode 3" I just want to review all the movies to start watching "Star Wars Episode 7"
                                                                   5. What is your fear?

A: Since my childhood I am afraid of snakes and spiders. When I see them I cry very much, or even worse to do something ... .but I know it's silly to fear spiders because they are small, but the snake for me it's like hell. Another way I'm afraid of heights, if I understand what I'm standing on the edge of which is unsafe.

Today, they were all the most asked questions to me, I think I responded very deeply. Write in the comments the way you would be interested to find out how children learn in Russia and what are the differences from American schools?


           Hello! I recently made plans for himself in 2016, and if you compare them to last year, everything is very difficult. I can not say that they are not feasible, a few of them, but they have to go a very long time.

1. Excellent exams
I remember saying I shared his first impressions of the exam, and now I have recently found out that I will take them every year. That's just this year I will be a little easier because it will be a transition from grade 10 to grade 11.

2. To participate in many projects
Last year I participated in 7 projects, and many of you are simply unfamiliar as they were in my hometown and in Russia. Participate in projects I like, that's just difficult to determine is you like a certain sphere. Because I was only 1 project associated with fashion, all the others were about training opportunities and the theater. This year, I am very determined to find new and interesting projects that will help me later in life.

3. Summer Travel
This year I will be the last summer where I can relax. Because then it will be very difficult examinations (which is progressive university) so I plan to spend it well and then to remember it this summer! Just this summer, I plan to go to my country's just I have not decided exactly where, but I want to go herself without parents can be with your friends.

         And it's all my plans for 2016. Write in the comments what are your plans for this year and how you intend to implement them!


          Hello! I hope that the beginning of 2016 was remarkable for you! Today I want to show some moments which were in 2015, more significant than others. I think it's a great opportunity to remember all the things that happened to you in the past year
          Also, I had such a post: BEST MOMENTS 2014

                                                                                               I got the dog

                                                                                              The gap between traveling to different parts of the country

                                                                                              I graduated from high school and now I'm in high school

                                                                                               In 2015, I liked to draw

                                                                                               One of the main points of my trip turned out to be a military museum

                                                                                                The main project of 2015 (soon to be post)

                                                                                                    Winter- it is a very beautiful time (soon to be post)