Hello! And today I want to share with their favorite songs of autumn, which I listened to throughout the three months.


         This is a song I heard on the radio and I was so moved by it that I'm singing it all day. I like the fact that the beginning of a very quiet, but then the chorus ... and then I fell in love with this song

                     2. Years&Years-Ties

        Many of my friends did not know about this song, and it was so interesting as they listened to it the first time. I immediately liked this song the melody is very beautiful, especially the beginning of the song.

                    3. Lana del Rey-Freak

         I do not know the new or old album Lana, but I simply downloaded to your phone, and the song was excellent.

                   4.The Weeknd-Can`t Fell My Face

        This song starts off slow, but then it picks up the pace, and it's just amazing

                   5.Kygo-Nothing Left

       I like the quiet, beautiful songs. And this song is almost my ideal. She is so beautiful that I do all this with just music.

       I hope you enjoyed this post, and you have found a new artists. Just write in the comments what your favorite song was the fall?
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