Hello! Now autumn is over and winter came. I love winter because the winter a lot of comfort, warmth, New Year, the most wonderful holiday. Well, because I do not like the cold. But today I want to tell you about your favorite movies and TV series that I loved to watch in the fall

                                                                    Monsters on vacation

          This is not a movie and cartoon, but he loved me the most. Honestly, I can not say why, because too many movies to create a serious, violent. . And this cartoon gives me good mood, and I watched it with my parents, and just when we saw we were all after seeing the incredible mood that words simply can not convey.

                                                                  American Horror Story

          I have many friends who are watching this show, but I could not understand why. As she watched. I do not know what I like about this show, but it's so exciting, I want to know what will happen next. But I confess honestly, I do not like watching the horrors of the second season and I could not look normal. My favorite season three, so I really fell in love with this season, I like about witches, and it's all so addictive that I looked for 5 days. And now, I'm interested in my mother for the third season. When I look at this series it gives me a lot of emotion and I definitely like.

         Write in the comments what your favorite movie or TV series

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