Hello! And very soon will be the New Year, I love this holiday because it has a lot of comfort and warmth. And it's time to speak up the year 2015. I can say for sure that it was a bit better than in 2014, but harder.

          The long journey

          As you know, I had a whole program of the summer, I traveled for a month. After passing the exams. And it was the best thing that happened to me this year!

         Meeting with friends

         In this journey I saw his old friends, who were with me in my childhood and in general all the time. And do not differentiate amongst them the whole year has been very hard, I was all the time with them. And I really enjoyed it.

          New impressions

         I had a new class again this year in school. And again I had to meet new people that I like. I also found new friends.

         I told all very brief because I do not think that this year you need something to highlight it as part of a whole year passed. I wish you all the very beautiful New Year 2016


      Hello! Already there is a preparation for the New Year in full swing, and perhaps the most difficult thing is to choose a gift to their friends and relatives. Today I want to tell you what I bought her friends through online stores.

       1. If you have the kind of person who likes to listen to music with headphones, or to do something in the headphones, I suggest to buy here are beautiful and wonderful headphones. I have these at home, just a different color, but all the same. And I can say that this is one of the most beautiful and cool headphones. But I can say at once that I remain fond of big headphones ....
                                                                                   To order

       2.Yes! This can be very strange, but I submit his best friend, men's sweater with Mickey Mouse. It is strange but I can, and my friend - fans wearing men's clothes. I think that a sweater with Mickey Mouse will not leave anyone indifferent, even the girls!

                                                                                    To order

       3. Again, the book! Again, a book about fashion, more about the fashion editor of Vogue. I do not hide, I read this book and it has not left me indifferent, wonderful book. At least buy it for myself, because she is beautiful!
                                                                                     To order

       4. If you are watching films or just watch movies - I believe that this will be your paradise. I would say that this is not a book, but rather a magazine that can be opened and it will serve you as an assistant in the choice of watching a movie in the evening. This book is not easy to buy, and want it all worth it for the books well enough. But I think that for the sake of this, it is worth spending the money ... And I bought her to his parents, because they long chose what to see in the evening, and this assistant)

                                                                                   To order
       5. I believe that this book will be interesting, creative, beautiful. I bought it because of the fact that I was attracted by the idea. And the beauty of the gift itself.

                                                                                                        To order


         Hello! And today I want to share with their favorite songs of autumn, which I listened to throughout the three months.


         This is a song I heard on the radio and I was so moved by it that I'm singing it all day. I like the fact that the beginning of a very quiet, but then the chorus ... and then I fell in love with this song

                     2. Years&Years-Ties

        Many of my friends did not know about this song, and it was so interesting as they listened to it the first time. I immediately liked this song the melody is very beautiful, especially the beginning of the song.

                    3. Lana del Rey-Freak

         I do not know the new or old album Lana, but I simply downloaded to your phone, and the song was excellent.

                   4.The Weeknd-Can`t Fell My Face

        This song starts off slow, but then it picks up the pace, and it's just amazing

                   5.Kygo-Nothing Left

       I like the quiet, beautiful songs. And this song is almost my ideal. She is so beautiful that I do all this with just music.

       I hope you enjoyed this post, and you have found a new artists. Just write in the comments what your favorite song was the fall?


          Hello! Now autumn is over and winter came. I love winter because the winter a lot of comfort, warmth, New Year, the most wonderful holiday. Well, because I do not like the cold. But today I want to tell you about your favorite movies and TV series that I loved to watch in the fall

                                                                    Monsters on vacation

          This is not a movie and cartoon, but he loved me the most. Honestly, I can not say why, because too many movies to create a serious, violent. . And this cartoon gives me good mood, and I watched it with my parents, and just when we saw we were all after seeing the incredible mood that words simply can not convey.

                                                                  American Horror Story

          I have many friends who are watching this show, but I could not understand why. As she watched. I do not know what I like about this show, but it's so exciting, I want to know what will happen next. But I confess honestly, I do not like watching the horrors of the second season and I could not look normal. My favorite season three, so I really fell in love with this season, I like about witches, and it's all so addictive that I looked for 5 days. And now, I'm interested in my mother for the third season. When I look at this series it gives me a lot of emotion and I definitely like.

         Write in the comments what your favorite movie or TV series