Hello everyone! I want to answer your questions. If you have any questions you can write in comments or send an email to my personal e-mail:  Do not be afraid to ask me for something I'm not going to bite you)))
        I was very pleased when I saw on the e-mail questions and had a lot of them, I chose those that were often sent to me.

          1. My favorite spring nail polish?

          Reply: At the moment, my favorite nail polish from Mary Kay color coral. He seemed to me will look great on weekdays and normal...

          2. Spring favorite lip product?

          Reply:Without a doubt I can say that this BABY Lips
         3.My favorite thing?
         Reply: I have no favorite things, because I wear all the same. And it often happens that I was throwing the whole wardrobe at once, if it is already outdated.
        4.Favorite flower?
         Reply:In this regard, I am very fickle. Spring like tulips, they are always in my room.

        5.Favorite accessory?

        Reply:Very strange but in everyday life, I do not wear accessories except his hat. So this is my straw hat.

        6.Favorite perfume?

        Reply:Adidas Fruity Rhythm 

        7.What a spring in your town?
       Reply:  As you already know Spring is my favorite time to time. I moved here in a different way. That's already the end of March, and I still want in winter clothes because it's very cold for spring. But every day I believe that it will be warm. After high school, I like to go one on the street and often already see as hear the birds sing. This is great!

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