Hello everyone! I am very glad that in my city come spring. And when you walk down the street you can see that the birds flew, proteins began to walk as before, there is no snow .. In this article I want to tell you a little bit what is read, some listen to music and of course what I was watching movies.

To be honest I do not really like to watch movies to me they seem not interested if it is based on the book.
This is a continuation of the film, which takes place with the girl Beatrice. Anyone who watched the first chats can understand (my personal opinion).
The new chapter of dystopian society where all are placed on the shelves, and any individual subject to eradication, Tris must find a way to deal with a terrible system, destroying her family. Who are on the waiting list? She learns more and more terrible details behind the apparent order, and can not fail to see that in her world it is time to change something. But the main thing in this struggle - to cope with the split, which gives rise to the enemy in her own soul.

                                                                   2.Night at the Museum: The Secret of the Tomb
Night watchman Museum of Natural History in New York, Larry Daley in despair: his fellow exhibits begin to behave strangely, and all because of quickening their ancient Egyptian gold plate is destroyed. Only the father knows the secret of the Pharaoh magical artifact, but here's the problem - his mummy away, she exhibited at the British Museum of Natural History! The team favorite characters making an unprecedented journey to London. They must join with the British exhibits and risk everything to restore the golden plate before Larry loses his friends forever.

I think that this film can be seen regardless of age, as it is interesting.

                                                                  3.The Maze Runner
The entire film we experience a sense of curiosity, which is caused by, literally, the first frame of the movie, and it's kind of victory, when you are interested from the beginning.

The Maze Runner removed quite efficiently. The film is sustained, with good visuals and sound. It should be noted a good actor's game protagonist, "a kind of a regular guy, but with its own unique vision of the situation," it perfectly conveys different emotions, not inert in the frame, good use of his external data and the most important thing "runs beautifully!"

This film is not inferior to the previous one, a bit like tapes, such as: "Divergents" or "Dedications", and even a bit superior to them, as in my opinion, it is more interesting shot as a whole.

            I think you liked the article and you will see these movies where you will be bored, well a esli you looked then write in the comments that would likely see on the blog.
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