Hello everyone! I want to answer your questions. If you have any questions you can write in comments or send an email to my personal e-mail:  Do not be afraid to ask me for something I'm not going to bite you)))
        I was very pleased when I saw on the e-mail questions and had a lot of them, I chose those that were often sent to me.

          1. My favorite spring nail polish?

          Reply: At the moment, my favorite nail polish from Mary Kay color coral. He seemed to me will look great on weekdays and normal...

          2. Spring favorite lip product?

          Reply:Without a doubt I can say that this BABY Lips
         3.My favorite thing?
         Reply: I have no favorite things, because I wear all the same. And it often happens that I was throwing the whole wardrobe at once, if it is already outdated.
        4.Favorite flower?
         Reply:In this regard, I am very fickle. Spring like tulips, they are always in my room.

        5.Favorite accessory?

        Reply:Very strange but in everyday life, I do not wear accessories except his hat. So this is my straw hat.

        6.Favorite perfume?

        Reply:Adidas Fruity Rhythm 

        7.What a spring in your town?
       Reply:  As you already know Spring is my favorite time to time. I moved here in a different way. That's already the end of March, and I still want in winter clothes because it's very cold for spring. But every day I believe that it will be warm. After high school, I like to go one on the street and often already see as hear the birds sing. This is great!


        Всем привет! Я хочу рассказать вам о своей любимой музыкой.
У меня был момент в моей жизни когда я не хочу слушать музыку. Но те, кто меня знают с уверенностью могу сказать, что я тот человек, который, без музыки и жить.
Я выбрала 11 своих любимых дисплей в этом месяце. Я думаю вам понравится и вы нашли песню, которая будет с вами. Какие ваши любимые песни вы можете увидеть в


2.Ариана Гранде-Люби меня сильнее(подвиг.Выходные)

3.Пиа Миа Футов. Г-На Eazy-Хрен С U

4.Арон Чупа-я-Альбатрос

5.LeMoti-Комплекса Bellina Осьминог

6. ХХ-Crystalised

7.Jutty Ранкс-Я Вижу Тебя (Красивая Розовая Ремикс)

8."Эхо" -потрясающе. (пирамида sch3me х "Эхо")


10.Kittaveli-мисс U (джай волк продиджи)

11.Jutty Ранкс-Я Вижу Тебя (Красивая Розовая Ремикс)


               Hello everyone! I am very glad that in my city come spring. And when you walk down the street you can see that the birds flew, proteins began to walk as before, there is no snow .. In this article I want to tell you a little bit what is read, some listen to music and of course what I was watching movies.

To be honest I do not really like to watch movies to me they seem not interested if it is based on the book.
This is a continuation of the film, which takes place with the girl Beatrice. Anyone who watched the first chats can understand (my personal opinion).
The new chapter of dystopian society where all are placed on the shelves, and any individual subject to eradication, Tris must find a way to deal with a terrible system, destroying her family. Who are on the waiting list? She learns more and more terrible details behind the apparent order, and can not fail to see that in her world it is time to change something. But the main thing in this struggle - to cope with the split, which gives rise to the enemy in her own soul.

                                                                   2.Night at the Museum: The Secret of the Tomb
Night watchman Museum of Natural History in New York, Larry Daley in despair: his fellow exhibits begin to behave strangely, and all because of quickening their ancient Egyptian gold plate is destroyed. Only the father knows the secret of the Pharaoh magical artifact, but here's the problem - his mummy away, she exhibited at the British Museum of Natural History! The team favorite characters making an unprecedented journey to London. They must join with the British exhibits and risk everything to restore the golden plate before Larry loses his friends forever.

I think that this film can be seen regardless of age, as it is interesting.

                                                                  3.The Maze Runner
The entire film we experience a sense of curiosity, which is caused by, literally, the first frame of the movie, and it's kind of victory, when you are interested from the beginning.

The Maze Runner removed quite efficiently. The film is sustained, with good visuals and sound. It should be noted a good actor's game protagonist, "a kind of a regular guy, but with its own unique vision of the situation," it perfectly conveys different emotions, not inert in the frame, good use of his external data and the most important thing "runs beautifully!"

This film is not inferior to the previous one, a bit like tapes, such as: "Divergents" or "Dedications", and even a bit superior to them, as in my opinion, it is more interesting shot as a whole.

            I think you liked the article and you will see these movies where you will be bored, well a esli you looked then write in the comments that would likely see on the blog.
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       Hello everyone! I now have a wonderful mood. And why I'll tell you now.
     The fact that I became one of the few people who were at the "Spirit of Fire" (Spirit of Fire). The purpose of the event was  just to reward people gifts that they have created short films, but these films allow you to think about life. All this took place in a great location pleasant music and great people around me that night. I met many people who work in the field of fashion and business. Here are some photos that I took.
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       Hello everyone! I have a good mood because finally the street was warm and I felt that spring comes!
     Certainly was not long holiday and I received many compliments and gifts. I do not expect that parents will buy me a new phone! It was the best and most amazing gift I did not even know that they will give me this. March 8 I spent in the company of friends, we went to a cafe, walking down the street and went to the dance. And after such a good day, I began to answer your questions .
     On the same day I receive notification that I came from notification Mary Kay, so we may assume that this is the best day in March.
     Excuse me, do not add photos. The fact that my camera broke! And now I will often send photos on instagram
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