Hello my lovers! I finally make make your shopping list for 2015!  Yes, buying things I do plan to, because I rarely go shopping, hoping to buy something. I either do not go to the store or do not try to go for a particular thing. In this year I decided to stay at the basic things that will be comfortable and fashionable at all times. I hope you find something interesting for yourself.
      I love denim pants or whether things shirt. I have a lot of things denim, but they all basically classic style. This year I decided to dilute the denim collection a great couple boyfriend jeans that will perfectly perfect balance with sneakers and heels or boots!
     It's just a very necessary thing in the summer and spring. I wore overalls in 2014 and thought it was very convenient. After all, there seems to be this dress, but in fact it jumpsuit!
     Every year I buy myself a new bag and this year I decided to buy the perfect black handbag. I think that this bag can fit almost all of my images especially for business.
     I love when a girl is dressed in a black blazers. So I decided to buy a black blazers, too. I have blazers, but they are not ideal black as I want.
I think that the coat is very comfortable thing in the locker room that is perfectly suited to my place where I live. I want to buy a camel coat color is not as bright and baggy.
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