Hello everyone! Now I have a week of interesting experiments and I decided to give you one way, if you can call it that. In the north, the weather is rarely easy and fun to dress up, because here all the people look the same to me (jackets, hats, gloves, bags). Well somehow diversify their gray days helped me weather. Frankly, I have long wanted to try winter dressed as the fall or spring and now I've succeeded! I wore ripped jeans, shirts, jackets, shoes, hat. There is probably a strange object-hat. Winter!
     Yes ... I love the sound a bit strange, and I like it. I hate walking in the same ten times a day. Because of this, I may seem interesting gray days. So that's why I told you all this. I want to say that we should not be like everyone else, if you want to show yourself as a person that is not afraid to experiment on himself and not afraid  strange looks and do not be afraid to show themselves. When the weather permits, and the desire to eat, do it! I hope you understand it all, I love you with love Lara ♥
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   Hello my lovers! I finally make make your shopping list for 2015!  Yes, buying things I do plan to, because I rarely go shopping, hoping to buy something. I either do not go to the store or do not try to go for a particular thing. In this year I decided to stay at the basic things that will be comfortable and fashionable at all times. I hope you find something interesting for yourself.
      I love denim pants or whether things shirt. I have a lot of things denim, but they all basically classic style. This year I decided to dilute the denim collection a great couple boyfriend jeans that will perfectly perfect balance with sneakers and heels or boots!
     It's just a very necessary thing in the summer and spring. I wore overalls in 2014 and thought it was very convenient. After all, there seems to be this dress, but in fact it jumpsuit!
     Every year I buy myself a new bag and this year I decided to buy the perfect black handbag. I think that this bag can fit almost all of my images especially for business.
     I love when a girl is dressed in a black blazers. So I decided to buy a black blazers, too. I have blazers, but they are not ideal black as I want.
I think that the coat is very comfortable thing in the locker room that is perfectly suited to my place where I live. I want to buy a camel coat color is not as bright and baggy.
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        Hello people! I am very tired. This week has been difficult after the winter break. And we had a test. So hard! Most recently, I went to hockey. This is an amazing sport. As players move quickly. I came home very late at 22: 30, and then immediately went to sleep. The next day I hurt gorole and lost his voice. But now all is well! Have a great day! My favorite lesson in the school of art! And a month later I have to create a project "My dream city" I think it's very project because it can create a lot of ideas. Wish me luck! ☺
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          Hi, my lovers!  And so ended the winter holidays! I really had a good vacation: family and friends. We have very cold, I think I can not do winter outfits. I really want to make them but on the outside air temperature -40! Two days ago, I tried to take a picture of ice sculptures that surround me on the street, but I can not show you that ... But I will not think about the bad! When the weather we've had quite warm, I was able to take pictures on the street, but do dress on the street, I'm afraid. Or rather, I'm afraid ill. 
         I'm curious what your weather in the city and you have an interesting winter and how did you spend the winter holidays ? Write to me in the comments I am very interested. If you have any questions or suggestions email me at e-mail : merkulovalarisa32


         Hello everyone! Yesterday I watched my old photos that have been made within one year. And I realized that there are many photos that I have not shown, but they have very good memories. And I make this post. I certainly too late to make such sweats, but better late than once.
       Here are some photos that I did not show you.

                                                                           I rarely eat meat, but eat much fruit

                                                                         I loved to make such pictures within one year

                                                                          I did a lot of dresses


            We wish you a happy, kind and successful 2015! Leave all the troubles in the past year and takes with him to the new only the best! We wish you and your families health, happiness, love, luck and success!
          Happy New Year!