Hello everyone! Within a week there is a new year! I look forward to this holiday and love it. At my school, now go check and I'm very very tired. I did not even have time to learn all.  I am inspired by one person in all the interesting ideas that I want to do. And this man Katie Rodger.
      Biography: Katie Rodgers created the site Paper Fashion in 2009 as an outlet to share her fantastical watercolors with the world. It has since taken her on an incredible journey. Katie grew up in a small country town just outside of Atlanta, GA. Living in the country with three brothers, she would often escape into her own imaginative worlds. Her aunt gifted Katie her first professional set of watercolors before the age of 7, and needless to say, she fell head over heels in love with them. Fashion, whimsy, and nature have forever been lurking inside her mind and onto the blank pages of her watercolor blocks.
        Katie currently resides in New York City.
       She has been commissioned by the likes of Cartier, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Valentino, Swarovski, Clé de Peau, Kate Spade, Coach, Alicia Keys, Calypso St. Barths, Stuart Weitzman, Parker Pens, Lacoste, Elle, and Glamour Magazine among others.
       Katie Rodgers works with renowned designers and fashion magazines. In his illustrations she often uses sparkling rhinestones, sequins and glitter, giving glamor and charm of its work.
       Soon there will be a new post on the topic "What is your favorite music in 2014"

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