Hello, hello! And as you already know, I moved to another city in another country. All of these changes in climate and the trip took me by surprise that I do not feel very well. But it does not stop me to explore the city in which I would live. And to find new places for their "world." 
          And the first thing that I liked very much because it is the center of the city, there are not only shopping centers and all sorts of different shops but still a lot of funny and interesting monuments, parks, antraktsionov. 
               I have a lot of plans for September, but I am afraid that I can not combine all of this with their new school and a new program. But I very much want to make new outfits and new photo shoot. I have so many ideas! And I'm wondering what kind of videos you want me to take off? Please write in the comments. 
          If you have any questions or you want to work with me here is my e-mail:

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