Hello! Probably like any student begins the most horrible days! Because you have to go to school. I always 2 days before school begins depression. I always think, what will be there? I'll have time to do everything? I was older by one year! But this year, I had another question I will be at another school?
   But to wake up early for school, I easily do some tasks for themselves. And I want to tell you.
               1 Go back to the mode
     I know that every student thinks that if the last day of August it is necessary to fully disengage and play at night. But I think it is not the best way.
               2 Do not look at the night series
   Even if you go to configure this Friday and Saturday ahead of time, then your main enemy will be serials.
              3 On Hold phone away from your bed
   If my mom picks up my laptop, I always take my phone. And there because so many temptations: Instagram, FaceBook, games ... And all that I want to do it at night, but would not sleep!
              4 Do not eat at night
   Firstly: to eat at night is bad for the figure. Second, the body needs time to digest the food, and this process is by no means compatible with sleep!
              5 Prepare a backpack and clothes in advance
  The morning is not the best way to collect things in school, and if you forget something? Therefore we advise to thoroughly prepare the night before: pat things to collect a backpack.
             6 Sleep with the curtains open
 There is nothing better than to get up with the first rays of the sun. When you open your eyes and see that it's morning, your body automatically adjusts to the fact that it's time to get up.
            7 Go to sleep with good thoughts
 We know it is not always easy. But try not to think about this and any other exciting and annoying things.
           8 Think of motivation
 And that is why you need to wake up, in addition to spend half a day in the classroom, we have not decided yet. So, you need motivation. Let it be a delicious breakfast, you will make my mother. Say, Belgian waffles with jam. For such a yummy and you can wake up at 5 am.

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