Hello, hello! Again, I want to write about their move to another country. I think I remember it because it was a lot of funny and interesting moments that will remain in my mind for a long time.
   Everyday we got to the tube if we did not stand for a long time on the road means a day go to waste. I went to a very beautiful scenery and if I was an artist, or know how to draw, I drew these landscapes and published them, but I can not draw ☻
      And because I can not draw, I took a bunch of pictures of them about 500 photos. And all these pictures I have to browse and select the most successful. And on the second day of the trip I was very tired and always slept in the car, and if i have not slept constantly photographed.
   We drove the two longest rivers in the Russian Volga and Irtysh and so many other rivers. I wanted to photograph them, but where we passed it was impossible to stop and take very nice pictures.
      Now I want to show you what kind we passed on the second day of my stay.

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