Hello! I have not written because I moved to Russia. In connection with the forced relocation. Honestly, I do not want to move.
        It is very difficult here because I do not know anything. Half of my things I left home and even your computer on which I worked. Sadness in that I took from the video and edited it but it remains in my former home. I will try to stay here but it's cold here.
        Why I did not write a whole week? I was on a trip to get to Siberia. And the Internet in general I was not. The latest news I have added one evening sitting in a dark alley because there was free internet. I'm doing everything on the tablet. Photos and the other articles I have at the moment a lot, but on the plate it can be done. I will try as soon as possible to buy a laptop here and add the prepared material.

     Thanks to everyone who reads me and supports me. I love you very much love !!! ☺☺☺
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