Hello my loves! Last month I began to watch her figure. I do not go to the gym I think it's a waste of money with so much effort you can go outdoors. And I thought, that can tell you how you can not go to the gym, but to lose weight. I know that it's not everyone fits, because each person other organism,but if you do not lose weight you eat properly.
    1. Fruit chips
   It is more suitable for lovers of goodies. Such a product for those who want to be healthy, strong and receive a lot of energy.
    2. Try the new spaghetti
  You can cook "pasta" of vegetables almost every day! To do this, it just takes a special grater. Squashes, carrots, pumpkin, all this can be stopped spaghetti!
   3.Prepare yourself muesli
  Every day, every morning, I can not imagine breakfast muesli cereal. For me, it's like a drug and it is never boring. Cereals, fruits, berries, nuts, dried fruit - that's you and muesli. As a filling I use low-fat milk or yogurt natural.
   4. Sense of taste
  Bright flavor will help you to escape from harmful sweets. Drink ginger tea, it smells delicious and incredibly tasty. At first I thought he was terrible, but when I tried again, I realized that this is my tea paradise!
  I noticed that people eat more food when they are in darkness. So I'm almost always in a room with lots of light.
  Eat cheese whenever you want. This is a great product for a new snack on since it contains casein protein which helps to sleep and burn fat at the same time.
   7.Water with lemon
  Water with lemon for me is the best way to quench your thirst in the summer. To avoid overeating, drink water!
       I think it was interesting to learn about it. If you have any questions, you can write a comment!

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