Hello my loves!  I think that everyone knows what Tumblr. And if you choose the Tumblr, twitter, instagram. I would choose the Tumblr. I'm not very active in these social networks . Me can be found most often in the Vk. This is the same social network like facebook only russian and clearer version a thousand times. And I constantly find such wonderful photos that will inspire you to some crazy things. And every picture I save and I even have a folder in which are located 200 photos from tumblr.
   If you do diaries of different photos, maybe you like photo. I know that blogs are very fashionable lately become and I do not think that's me this diary. Write in the comments what you think about this  make me a photo diary. I'll show you my updates each month. And if you follow me on instagram you can mention me in the photo, or that inspires you like. I will put Like and write a comment in this photo ☻

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