Pantaloons of were once part of the aristocratic men's suit and now appear in each of the second collection - from sports to bourgeois Alexander Wang Hermes - and not give up positions in the autumn season.
      Such as in Mulberry, Emporio Armani, Alexander Wang and Proenza Schouler, Pantaloons steel thanks to Elsa Schiaparelli. In the 1930 "split skirt" no cover up sleeve ryushey united fashion-press: hated her and called lesbian clothing. In this season of professional journalists finally agreed with the designers.
     To look at these trousers aesthetically pleasing image should be selected based on their length and unusual silhouette. Pantaloons of is better to wear a body-fitting top and shoes with heels: playing Gavroche and combination with Laufer are only tall and slender. As for color, monochrome options unbeaten, but if want to add colors to the image, it is better to choose small allover print. For inspiration, you can refer to the iconic model of the 70s: Bridget Larsen and Lauren Hutton looked flawless in Pantaloons.
    I think these pants are very trendy and not everyone wants to dress it up. And if it will suit you'll stand out from others and get a lot of attention☺
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                                                                                                    Emporio Armani
                                                                                                    Proenza Schouler
                                                                                                    Alexander Wang
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