Hello, hello! What inspires me? Of course - music. I can not imagine my life without music, but imagine if it was only a dull and gray. And I dedicate this post just music! If you go to my page and see my vk then I record music about 500 songs, and they all inspire me only each in its own. But I have chosen out of 500 songs that inspire their minions more than others.
              1. The Weeknd – Professional (Kiss Land 2013)
     I love this song The Weeknd ! His songs have inspired me the most, I can not even choose the best song of his.
              2. Jeremih feat. YG -Dont Tell Em (prod by Mick Schultz & Dj Mustard)
    I like these songs, and they can listen and dance. This song is something that attracts me, but you just listen to it and understand it.
     This song is more melodic and when you listen to it with headphones you think that it reveals your soul.  It does not look like all the other songs, and this is its peculiarity.
            4.  Raleigh Ritchie-Bloodsport
    It is located in a quiet and beautiful song. Every day I listen to it at night, and I come to mind very different ideas. And it happens only with this song.
           5. JMSN – Love and pain
   When I heard this song, I thought that an angel sings. His voice is very, very beautiful.
       Write in the comments was interesting to read and I inspired you. And whether such categories do every month?

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