Hello me loves! I wanted to just talk with you. Just want to apologize that there will be about 2 months outfits. Now I'm very busy and one situation does not allow.
   How are you doing? How do you spend your summer? I spend my summer vacation was not as I wanted. I thought that would be a great vacation, but it turned out as usual! The whole day I look different series and go out with friends. I'm doing all sorts of blanks for different projects that I created myself, but they have not yet realized. And few people I can understand what I'm saying.
      I wanted to ask your opinion. How will you react to the fact that I will periodically shoot video. Of course it will be in about a month, but I am preparing material to or later. I do not want to be in the video of beauty blogger, I just want to tell or show something to make you wonder.

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