Hello everyone. At the moment, I can not add news because I travel to Russia. Today I am very tired. Now it's too late but I was able to find a free internet. I shall try to make a video. I will publish news but very little for two weeks.


        Hello me loves! I wanted to just talk with you. Just want to apologize that there will be about 2 months outfits. Now I'm very busy and one situation does not allow.
   How are you doing? How do you spend your summer? I spend my summer vacation was not as I wanted. I thought that would be a great vacation, but it turned out as usual! The whole day I look different series and go out with friends. I'm doing all sorts of blanks for different projects that I created myself, but they have not yet realized. And few people I can understand what I'm saying.
      I wanted to ask your opinion. How will you react to the fact that I will periodically shoot video. Of course it will be in about a month, but I am preparing material to or later. I do not want to be in the video of beauty blogger, I just want to tell or show something to make you wonder.


        Hello, hello! I love to read books and read a lot of books. And lately I want to read a book about the fashion industry. And I want to ask you what are some books about the fashion industry to be able to read e-books&???? 
     I will be grateful if you write.


        I think that the whole world already knows the results of the World Cup in 2014. And 1st place occupied Germany!!!!!! I really wanted to see this match, but only managed to see the 2nd half and I am very happy! I congratulate the team Germany!


           Hello my loves!  I think that everyone knows what Tumblr. And if you choose the Tumblr, twitter, instagram. I would choose the Tumblr. I'm not very active in these social networks . Me can be found most often in the Vk. This is the same social network like facebook only russian and clearer version a thousand times. And I constantly find such wonderful photos that will inspire you to some crazy things. And every picture I save and I even have a folder in which are located 200 photos from tumblr.
   If you do diaries of different photos, maybe you like photo. I know that blogs are very fashionable lately become and I do not think that's me this diary. Write in the comments what you think about this  make me a photo diary. I'll show you my updates each month. And if you follow me on instagram you can mention me in the photo, or that inspires you like. I will put Like and write a comment in this photo ☻


         I know that I was gone for a long time did not write you anything. Just had those days when I was busy, and when i came home, I immediately went to bed. In general, the days passed very quickly and simply can not believe that is the middle of summer. Because summer is for me very quickly flies. I'm curious what you would like to see on my blog? Write in the comments under this entry.
    If you have any questions, you can send me an e-mail:


     Hello my loves! Last month I began to watch her figure. I do not go to the gym I think it's a waste of money with so much effort you can go outdoors. And I thought, that can tell you how you can not go to the gym, but to lose weight. I know that it's not everyone fits, because each person other organism,but if you do not lose weight you eat properly.
    1. Fruit chips
   It is more suitable for lovers of goodies. Such a product for those who want to be healthy, strong and receive a lot of energy.
    2. Try the new spaghetti
  You can cook "pasta" of vegetables almost every day! To do this, it just takes a special grater. Squashes, carrots, pumpkin, all this can be stopped spaghetti!
   3.Prepare yourself muesli
  Every day, every morning, I can not imagine breakfast muesli cereal. For me, it's like a drug and it is never boring. Cereals, fruits, berries, nuts, dried fruit - that's you and muesli. As a filling I use low-fat milk or yogurt natural.
   4. Sense of taste
  Bright flavor will help you to escape from harmful sweets. Drink ginger tea, it smells delicious and incredibly tasty. At first I thought he was terrible, but when I tried again, I realized that this is my tea paradise!
  I noticed that people eat more food when they are in darkness. So I'm almost always in a room with lots of light.
  Eat cheese whenever you want. This is a great product for a new snack on since it contains casein protein which helps to sleep and burn fat at the same time.
   7.Water with lemon
  Water with lemon for me is the best way to quench your thirst in the summer. To avoid overeating, drink water!
       I think it was interesting to learn about it. If you have any questions, you can write a comment!


        Previous month was very busy, I was busy all the time and I loved it. I want to share with you 6 photos with Instagram. My nick in Instagram: merkulovalarisa


          Pantaloons of were once part of the aristocratic men's suit and now appear in each of the second collection - from sports to bourgeois Alexander Wang Hermes - and not give up positions in the autumn season.
      Such as in Mulberry, Emporio Armani, Alexander Wang and Proenza Schouler, Pantaloons steel thanks to Elsa Schiaparelli. In the 1930 "split skirt" no cover up sleeve ryushey united fashion-press: hated her and called lesbian clothing. In this season of professional journalists finally agreed with the designers.
     To look at these trousers aesthetically pleasing image should be selected based on their length and unusual silhouette. Pantaloons of is better to wear a body-fitting top and shoes with heels: playing Gavroche and combination with Laufer are only tall and slender. As for color, monochrome options unbeaten, but if want to add colors to the image, it is better to choose small allover print. For inspiration, you can refer to the iconic model of the 70s: Bridget Larsen and Lauren Hutton looked flawless in Pantaloons.
    I think these pants are very trendy and not everyone wants to dress it up. And if it will suit you'll stand out from others and get a lot of attention☺
        Write in the comments what news. For questions e-mail:
                                                                                                    Emporio Armani
                                                                                                    Proenza Schouler
                                                                                                    Alexander Wang


      Hello, hello! What inspires me? Of course - music. I can not imagine my life without music, but imagine if it was only a dull and gray. And I dedicate this post just music! If you go to my page and see my vk then I record music about 500 songs, and they all inspire me only each in its own. But I have chosen out of 500 songs that inspire their minions more than others.
              1. The Weeknd – Professional (Kiss Land 2013)
     I love this song The Weeknd ! His songs have inspired me the most, I can not even choose the best song of his.
              2. Jeremih feat. YG -Dont Tell Em (prod by Mick Schultz & Dj Mustard)
    I like these songs, and they can listen and dance. This song is something that attracts me, but you just listen to it and understand it.
     This song is more melodic and when you listen to it with headphones you think that it reveals your soul.  It does not look like all the other songs, and this is its peculiarity.
            4.  Raleigh Ritchie-Bloodsport
    It is located in a quiet and beautiful song. Every day I listen to it at night, and I come to mind very different ideas. And it happens only with this song.
           5. JMSN – Love and pain
   When I heard this song, I thought that an angel sings. His voice is very, very beautiful.
       Write in the comments was interesting to read and I inspired you. And whether such categories do every month?