Hello my loves! If you are a lover puts Instagram photos in this article is for you. Honestly I do not like    to put the photos in Instagram but I rarely do.Just recently found in the Internet an interesting  scheme as possible every day to put the photos in instagram are not just selfie, and something more.I  know that is not June 1, I hope you do not mind if it starts from June 3)
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 June 3-Make your photo with a bottle of mineral water
 June 4 - Make your morning photo
 June 5 - Take your photo in bed
 June 6 - Make your photos with headphones
 June 7 - Make your photos with book
 June 8 - Make your photos with glasses
 June 9 - Make your photos with animals
 June 10 - Take your photo with flowers
 June 11 - Make your any unusual photos
 June 12 - Make your photos without makeup
 June 13 - Take your photo in the water
 June 14 - Take your photo with a soft toy
 June 15 - Take your photo with ice cream
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