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        I want to share my impressions of the new collection by Ulyana Sergeenko.
     New collection Ulуana Sergeenko like a fairy tale "Alice in Wonderland." Oh very cute these outfits. They seem to show the simplicity of the female body, but at the same time the complexity of women full image.




     That ended the camp. I was a little regret why I agreed to go for 7 days, rather than 14 days. As for me, this was the most amazing week. Emotions do not pass. 
     On the sixth day of the camp we went to the exhibition. This exhibition was dedicated to those people who do amazing things with unnecessary stuff.
      This dog show was not professionalov rather amateur and self-taught. It was pretty interesting, but did not cause wild desire to do the same as they ☺
       And then we began to engage in the usual English and algebra. These two words sound scary but it's not more we play games and talk than to learn something new. If we speak in English, we get something new- squares, and then presents. And if we solve algebra examples correctly -candy. (I even put on weight because of this 2 kg) And so we had our days!
        On the seventh day. We did not go anywhere because the weather was terrible. And we were planning to go on a hike ... We were upset but we lifted the mood-sweet! We had a sweet table and we had fun. One word conducted last day with fun! After that we went to watch Vidoje camp we spent two weeks fun!
         If you have any questions, please contact us in the comments.


        I'm a crazy person about online stores, when I see that there is a discount I will definitely watch and waste your time even if I understand things I do not need! And with that statement all agree. I'm pretty sure that 99% of people who are watching me, too, as I bought things from online stores. And I am very, very interesting from where you order stuff?
    Write in the comments. From which website you order stuff? Much love, Larisa 

2/7 CAMP

       Hello,hello! On the second day in camp we were doing algebra and English. Sounds scary but it's certainly not the case. After that we went to draw chalk on the pavement. We painted like little children. And at the end of the day we drank tea with mint☺

1/7 CAMP

   I solved a very long time to do it but there was such an amazing week like this. This week I went to the camp and tomorrow is the last day. I would like that it lasted a month or more. He is awesome! I went to the camp seven days.
   On the first day in the camp we went to the railway museum. I do not like to go to museums but it was interesting to listen to(Sorry for the poor quality of all the pictures were taken on the phone).
                                                                                                         old money
                                                                            сathedral of matches