Good morning or better good afternoon! I have no school because of holidays. Every year I give exams for all the lessons for the whole academic year , enough reasons to be nervous! I'm actually really good at school, apart from 2-3 subjects. I don't know why but I hate natural sciences.  I'm not good at it at all! I said I would do some posts in my exams-time. On Saturday, I was having fun with friends and walked around the town. It was fun! Just relax with good food and nice friends. If you also have questions, comment below or write me by e-mail:lara.merkulova.99@mail.ru ♥ Much love, Larisa


I made ​​some new purchases and want to share with you. I'm not a big fan of ordering things from the internet, but I want to teach myself and love this book so. I'm a very lazy person to go to the store and choose clothes.

                                                                                              firm LABOUR OF LOVE

                                                                                                My favorite T-shirt at the moment



Many people are already things and have no idea what is fashionable. So I want to tell you about some of the fashion trends.
Trend № 1: speaking prints
In the new season in 2014, many world designers have focused on the "vocabulary" - the various inscriptions on clothes, bags, shoes and accessories, again coming back into fashion.

Trend № 2: sports theme
Hobby designers sporty style found a new reading in the spring-summer season. Despite the source of inspiration, the designers tried to make the most feminine things.Shorts, if borrowed from basketball, cozy sweatshirts, visors and leggings combined with dresses - all this can be found in the collections of Prada, Marni, Gucci and Emilio Pucci.


 At the moment I'm really tired. I want to tell you about a few fashion trends for Spring / Summer 2014.  The trend this year is more colorful than last summer. Preferred colorful print, patterns, makeup and accessories. I'll give you a few examples below. Much love ♥


I am still glad that spring has come, despite of the busy schedule! Much love, Larisa ♥


Dear veterans, we remember, we are proud that you have done for us! You many years of life, more joy and smiles! Respect and good health to you! Low bow to you! For the memory and gratitude - that is all that we can give our veterans, not only on this day but always. And it will do to better ourselves and our world. I feel sorry for all the people who died, who did not want to fight and protect your family

And despite all the sacrifices, pain, suffering, loss of Victory Day - a bright day. This is the day which showed that it was not in vain dreams come true !