Lately, I love to wear things in a retro style.



Good evening!
I have not written on my blog. Forgive me, I had problems with the internet because of this I could not upload photos. 
Now I'll be more active on your blog.
In my town recently spring came and I was very pleased. See the photo:

                                                               I see this every morning)

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Good morning, Today Easter and I want to congratulate all! 
Spent all day yesterday to prepare for the holiday. I hope you  to vote photos☺
Soon there will be a new post. Love.Larisa 
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New in

Hi everyone! Just recently I ordered shoes. They are super comfortable and soft. And I'm probably one of those people who can not find the right shoes, but when I tried on these shoes I just fell in love with them ☺ 
I also loved the style of shoe because it reminded me of a brutal masculine style. The other day I want to show you along with them. 
Love you ♥ Larisa